足球外围网站通过在以下实践领域应用足球外围网站的专业知识,使人们能够在生活中做出积极的改变, which interact in exciting ways.

Equity & Inclusion Resilience Sustainable Agriculture Economic Opportunity Access to Finance

Sustainable Agriculture

We help farmers and agribusinesses sustainably improve productivity, access markets, and feed a growing population. This involves catalyzing sustainable production, agribusiness supply chains, and effective natural resource management. We focus on nutrient-rich commodities, often reaching producers through cooperatives, farm groups, and private service providers.

以下内容是足球外围网站最近在可持续农业方面的一些工作. For a comprehensive list please visit our Where We Work page.



Bangladesh-RDC-rice fields


改良的种子开发和育种仍然是在孟加拉国引进商业生产种子品种的主要限制因素. A new rice …

David Vischer_F2F_Vol_Georgia

Volunteers Support Eco-Friendly Agritourism

What is tourism going to look like in the future? That is the question on many people’s minds as vaccine …

Ghana_ADVANCE_woman winnowing rice


在加纳,玉米、水稻和大豆主要由小农生产. But these crops are important commodities in …


Producer Organizations Improve Cashew Sales in Northeastern Guinea

In Siguiri, a prefecture in northeastern Guinea, 当地居民寻求新生计的兴趣在……


We help communities and households better prepare for, withstand, and recover from shocks and stresses. 足球外围网站通过跨越一系列领域的工作来促进人员和系统的恢复力:治理, peace and reconciliation, risk management, climate change adaptation, community and livelihood development, and water and sanitation.

以下内容是足球外围网站最近在弹性方面的一些工作. For a comprehensive list please visit our Where We Work page.


2021年菲律宾咖啡质量大赛(PCQC)是菲律宾最负盛名的年度比赛,旨在评选菲律宾最好的咖啡. This …

Bangladesh-RDC-Chaldal food aid distribution


Chaldal是孟加拉国最大的在线杂货配送平台. Poised to become the country’s version of Amazon Fresh, …

Colombia-migration story

Colombia’s Move on Migration: What It Means for Venezuelans & Colombians Alike


Liberia_FIFES_close out video

Protecting Forests & Incomes in Liberia Video

From 2015 to 2021, 由美国国际开发署资助的森林收入促进环境可持续性活动, implemented by ACDI/VOCA, helped forest-dependent communities in …

Economic Opportunity

We connect people and businesses in systems that increase incomes, create jobs, and expand opportunities. 足球外围网站的包容性市场体系方法改善了市场更好地为穷人和边缘化群体服务的条件和激励机制. We facilitate private-sector partnerships, support entrepreneurship and workforce development, and advance an improved business-enabling environment.

以下内容是足球外围网站最近在《足球外围网》杂志上的一些工作内容. For a comprehensive list please visit our Where We Work page.

Bead Making Means More Income for Halima

45岁的哈利玛·穆罕默德·阿贝尔(Halima Mohamed Arbele)从来没有想到,她的爱好可以成为家庭的收入来源. Since 2005 …

Ethiopia_man with cow stock

Tackling Food Security, COVID-19, and Armed Conflict in Ethiopia

Almost six month ago, amid growing concerns of the impact of COVID-19, 埃塞俄比亚联邦政府部队和提格雷领导的部队之间爆发了武装冲突. Ethiopia was …

Laos_Microenterprise_turkey success story

Turkey Rearing Increases Income for Young Graduate in Rural Laos

Saykham Phommavongsa是湘圹省北区Nady村的一名32岁的火鸡农民. After …


Anara’s Story: A Young Kyrgyz Entrepreneur with Sweet Dreams

Anara Erkebaeva (pictured far right, above) lives in Uchkun village, near the city of Osh, in southern Kyrgyzstan. Even though …

Access to Finance

足球外围网站改善融资渠道,部署混合融资,以扩大项目生命周期以外的影响. 足球外围网站通过足球外围网站的三个业务线,促进推动社会影响和扩大金融包容性的投资. Together with affiliates Tanager and AV Ventures, 足球外围网站建设金融机构扩大金融服务覆盖面的能力, support small and medium-sized enterprises in accessing finance, 调动增长资本,扩大和维持促进增长的催化投资.

以下内容是足球外围网站最近在融资渠道方面的一些工作. For a comprehensive list please visit our Where We Work page.

Honduras_TMS-potato Farmer story


Brenda Aracely Dominguez lives in the highlands of Intibucá, Honduras, on land where her family has grown potatoes for generations. …


Members of the Tullu Women’s Group hail from Sololo Ward, a community of livestock keepers in the heart of Marsabit …


赞比亚的农业中小型企业在努力提高生产率时面临着许多挑战, grow profits, and …

Bangladesh-LPIN_Stories of Change cover screenshot


Access “Stories of Change,” published June 2021

USAID_Kuza_INK Fund post

Bridging the Gaps in Northern Kenya’s Access to Finance

Kenya has made significant progress in financial inclusion, 在13年的时间里,中国的金融业增长了两倍,83%的人口有了金融渠道, according to …

Equity & Inclusion

足球外围网站促进性别平等,让青年参与进来,让边缘化社区参与进来. 足球外围网站的项目通过社会和行为改变交流活动来解决有害或限制规范, trainings to ensure participation, and dialogues that lead to transformed perspectives. 足球外围网站分析抑制增长的规范,并与当地伙伴合作,使市场更具包容性. We help women, youth, 边缘化社区获得安全空间,成为其自身发展的核心行动者.

The following content is a sampling of our recent work in Equity & Inclusion. For a comprehensive list please visit our Where We Work page.


从项目到可持续发展:Tanager和ACDI/VOCA帮助当地非政府组织NAFAKA Kilimo影响坦桑尼亚农业

Tanager, ACDI/VOCA, 和AV Ventures共同的使命是改善世界各地弱势群体的经济和社会条件. …


Ana Sofía的故事:哥伦比亚的跨性别青年为工作中的其他人铺平道路

Her rose-printed skirt sways when she walks in the room. She tucks her hair behind her ear. As she tells …



“我从未想过我能找到一个如此热情、如此包容劳工的工作场所,” said Willert Moreno (pictured right …



Now more than ever, 必须优先发展可持续的经济农业,以实现加纳的目标, as well as Africa-wide, …

Kenya-LMS_Josephine Akai

Josephine’s Story: Starting a Business in Isiolo, Kenya

根据2014年联合国妇女署的一份报告,研究表明,经历贫困的女孩只有2人.5 times more likely to …